Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Unplanned,,,,,

Those are usually the best times. We decided to head to the mountains and stay in Saluda at the last moment yesterday. I had planned to come up Sunday and see the races at Biltmore by myself. I was gonna meet a few friends who came up earlier. At the last moment we found out we could make it a weekend and here we are.

Best part is, I brought my bike and Saturday I am gonna hit Dupont state forest for a ride and see what it's all about. I have ridden Bent Creek and Pisgah proper but never Dupont! Tune in later for a full report. I plan to see at least one waterfall and find the "runway". From what I understand there used to be a small airport there and from it there is a fantastic downhill.

I have a map and a water bottle so i should be pretty good.... Plus if ya get lost it just adds to the story at a later date........

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