Wednesday, January 6, 2016

So It's Now Cold ...............

Last week we had 75 plus, this week we are down to 18 this morning. I like the 70 plus myself! Last night I did a ride right after work. When I got to the parking lot the car said it was 38, when I came out of the woods the car said 30. I believe the car!

I wore my wool socks and had my arm warmers and 3/4 length bibs and thought that would be good. Overall it was but it if it got any colder, or I was gonna ride any longer I would need more. In my mind I kept thinking it's OK, your only riding for 2 hours. Well 2 hours is a long time! I was pretty much frozen when I was done.

I went home and by the time I came out of the shower I was red as a lobster! It seemed like I couldn't get warm. After I suffer through this a few more times I will get adjusted. Yes, "adjusted" I never get used to it. I miss last week.

Then this morning a buddy of mine wants to know if I want to do the Polar Bear Metric winter road ride. It's Saturday and supposed to be high of 57 degree's, with a chance of showers. I like the temp but not the chance of showers.

I need to give this some thought.........

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