Sunday, January 10, 2016

Yep, That Worked,,,,,,,,,

So we left Friday after work and headed up. We stayed up late having a few beers, and wine. Went to bed and slept'ed in. I got up and headed to Dupont! That place is the bomb! The first time of many times to come!

I got there and meet a guy in the parking lot who had a route planned. Dupont has a lot of trails and a lot of intersections. I had heard if you didn't have a guide you would spend a lot of time looking at a map. So hooking up with someone would be a big help.

We took off and headed in the woods. After the first two climbs it became clear we were in two different places as far as our riding ability. For once it was me being the stronger rider. That was weird.

So anyway he went ahead and forwarded the route to my phone so I would'nt have to wait for him. That was pretty cool. I did end up stopping quite a bit to make sure I was heading the right way but it was a blast! I now have found my new favorite place to ride.

Just by shear luck and the fact that I parked in the very first lot I found. I got to end my ride with one of the best downhill sections I have ever ridden! Ridgeline!! It was a blast! Totally the smoothest fastest trail I think I have ever ridden. I ended up with an hour and half ride and can't wait to go back.

Then to top it off we went down to a local restaurant and had a great evening! They had a really cool group playing music and the food was great. Saluda is awesome! We stay 2 blocks from main st and can walk anywhere, that works out great. Nobody has to drive and the whole town is full of cool people.

The best part of the weekend! Cody came up from Atlanta and spent the weekend with us! Plus he and I did the Cyclocross National Championships today. We got to see a few friends we haven't seen since we where racing all the time and got to see the best of the best race cyclocross. It was cool.    

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