Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sliding ,,,,,,,,,,

Right along! Yep just "Sliding" right along. With the weather forecast we might really be "Sliding" tomorrow evening. Charlotte-Monroe area is projected to get 1-3 inches of snow. For all my loyal readers from the northern regions, if I have any such readers. That amount will completely shut down the entire region. Not just slow down, shut down.

Every thing will close the grocery stores will be swamped tonight and milk will be scarce! As I am typing this the guy in the desk beside me is talking about his wife already freaking out about going to the store after work today! No I am not making this up! It's Thursday morning and I am in the building supply business, we are slow so I am doing my blog.

We are slow because people are already slowing down. Being from Kentucky and remembering the 3rd grade. When we had a wall of windows in my class. We used to go to school when it snowed and then we would have to watch out the windows all day as it would snow! It was torcher!! I still get a kick out of the way the south handles snow.

If we get any amount of snow I will be out and about! Hell I am looking forward to it! The truck has plenty of gas and four wheel drive. Plus both cars are front wheel drive. Bring it! Yesterday I even got the rare treat of riding in the snow and sleet. I brought my bike and hit the local trail on the way home. It was a little more muddy than I would have preferred but with the freeze thaw deal, all trails are like that right now.

It was neat, I had snow one minute hitting me in the face and the nest sleet. Doesn't happen often in this area. If we do get any accumulation I will be headed back to Cheraw. Looking forward to it, plus if it started tonight I know I would have to take tomorrow off. I might have the truck and cars capable of getting out. But getting to work is another story.....

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