Friday, January 22, 2016

It's Official !!!!!!!!!!

The southern regions of NC are officially shut down! It started sometime after midnight and we now have about an inch on the ground with more coming. It's awesome, freezing rain and sleet! All to continue through out the day.

                                                                Life is good!

The best part of these southern storms, they come and go as fast as a rain storm. We will have snow and sleet today and tonight followed by the same tomorrow. Sunday the sun will be back and the temps right back above freezing with everything gone by Monday. Monday it will be right back to normal. Like nothing ever happened.

The only bad part will be for the people who end up loosing power for a few days. That always sucks, hopefully we don't make that list. But if we did I did my part and went out last night and filled the kerosene tank. If we lost power we still have heat. Plus I have the camper and it has heat so we would be hooked up!

Have a good day and stay safe, wherever you are...

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