Saturday, January 23, 2016

Heading Out ...........

Yep today will be a mountain bike ride. 40 miles south of me we have my favorite hardly ever ridden trails in Cheraw State Park. Sweet sandy single track! The more rain the better, the colder the better. It's a 7 mile loop and it really is an all weather trail.

The location kills it as far as traffic goes, But for the lucky people of the area who choose to use it, they are hooked up! If it was any closer to the Charlotte area it would probably get way more traffic but that's the way it goes. I am just thankful I am as close to it as I am. When the rest of Charlotte is sitting at home crying about the wet trails I head south.

Like I have said before, it's in the middle of nowhere, awesome! The locals probably wish I would quit talking about it, you know. Keep the secret! Last week when I went down I counted the entries in the logbook. Since November there had been 34 sign-ins. That's it! Two and a half months and 34 people had used the trails.

The craziest part is the condition of the trail. The 34 who use it must be really dedicated because it's in top shape right now. The whole loop is clear and raked. Yep raked, it's the sand hill region and it's sand. The pine trees are the problem down that way. The needles cover the trail and pine cones.

They are not a problem to ride on, but they make the trail hard to follow sometimes. I have been there enough times I know how to go but a new user would have a problem in some sections. I know that sounds weird but you really need to see the trail and the area to understand. The forest are totally different than the Charlotte area. I like change and always look forward to going south every time I go.

Have a good day.... Go out and play..  

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