Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Frank's Gone ............

Yep we ate him. Until next year the turkey is done. Cooking a turkey seems to be a lot of work so once a year is about all we do. Christmas is a pre-cooked Honey Baked ham. Yes I am looking forward to that! The family came over and it went well actually.

So we ate, I rode and just like that 4 days came and went. Now we are already 2 days into December and Christmas is coming fast. Of course I along with everyone else, start to reminisce about this time of year. We'll save that for a post at a later date though.

Today I want to give some kind words to one of the Charlotte area's fine bike shops. Bicycle Sport to be exact. I actually work about 2 blocks from a shop here in the Matthews area and would rather drive across town to do business with them over the shop next door. That was even before today.

As of today Bicycle Sport is my main deal from here on out! A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I was kinda aggravated with my Cannondale bicycle. I am on my third frame and third fork rebuild as of now. When I dropped of my bike I asked them if they could see if Cannondale would do anything about this. Every rebuild is 250 bucks!

I am tired of paying out 250 each time. Until today I had pretty much decided that would be my last Cannondale purchase. BUT, I got there today and they had made a few phone calls and stepped up for me and got my bill down to a 100 bucks! That's the deal there.

I am in the market for a new bike and it will come from Bicycle Sport! My new go to shop!! Check'em out if you ever get a chance there are really good guys...

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