Thursday, October 22, 2015

You Got To Be Kidding Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am selling my 1997 GMC Jimmy 4x4. It has a 148000 miles on it. I want 2 grand for it and I'll take a lot less! Now with that in mind you wouldn't believe the questions people have asked me! Plus they keep looking it over like they are buying a brand new car for 20 grand instead of 2 grand!

                           Your buying a 20 year old freaking car with a 150 thousand miles on it!

News flash!!! It's gonna break down and it's gonna need something,,, probably sooner than later. I have driven it for 3 years and spent about 3 grand on it over that time. Including a new transmission. That was the big repair. So with that in mind I am baffled by the way people keep looking at it and the questions they keep asking......

                                                        People are crazy,,, no doubt..........

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