Friday, October 23, 2015

It's Friday ,,,,,,,,,

I had to think long and hard for that title. It's been one of those weeks, the only good news. The Blazer is gone! I finally found a new home for it. I hope the new owner gets good service out of it. I liked it and it served it's purpose but now it's gone.

I hate selling something like that, everybody wants something for nothing. As I said in the last post people just get on my nerves. Plus I had planned to ride about every afternoon this week and I had to come home and show it to someone about everyday. It got old really fast!

Now On to the next project. Tonight I build the kid a new desk for his computer and then tomorrow I ride. Cody comes home tonight, he's here for the weekend. This will be his first trip home since he got his new job in Atlanta. His girlfriend is missing him! Like I told the wife, he might be staying at our house but we won't be seeing him much...

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