Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I Must Be Changing ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

It's no secret that I probably enjoyed Pennsylvania more than Cody did. To me it was like being back in Kentucky and enjoying the weather! It reminded me so much of my youth it was great. He went up there on January 1st and it didn't seem so bad. I went back and forth about ten times and really liked it.

BUT.... Last time I went up in the middle of September you could really feel the cool air starting to kick up. Yes it was warm in the daytime but at night it was starting to drop. That last trip we took to the drag strip on our last night there I almost froze! Everybody else was running around in shorts and t-shirts and seemed fine.

I even told Cody my blood was to thin for that. Well now that weather has started to creep in our neck of the woods! I can't take it! I am about to freeze, winter is no where near and I am cold. I used to think I could handle it I was tough! Now I am ready to move and head further south..

I even skipped a ride Saturday morning because it was still to cold. Then Sunday I waited till the sun was high and things were warm. It seems like every year I balk a little more to the cold. One of these days I am gonna stop going out. Then it will be official, I am a total wuss............

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