Friday, October 9, 2015


Since the sun came out I've been "Rolling". I brought out the motorcycle and rode it to work all week and I have been in the woods everyday too! Life is good! Even though I played in the rain all last weekend the sun just makes life feel better!

We got the VTX running last week and it's been fun to be back on it. I still think it's gonna end up in Atlanta with the kid. The wife isn't to found of the idea but it's gonna happen. I would rather he started riding on a slow cruiser than a fast sport bike.

Like I told her, he's about 2-3 months of saving and he could get his own bike. He may not have any credit built yet but with a few thousand down on a ten thousand bike he would get financed! No doubt about it. If I get him on the cruiser he will stay on it for awhile and not be wanting for a fast sport bike.

Again I am heading down right after work. the wife is working all weekend so I am gonna take Chase my youngest one with me and spend the weekend with the boys in Atlanta. We will come home Sunday, and back on two-wheels!

I also "had" a test ride scheduled for last night on a brand new Indian! I had to cancel it at the last minute yesterday, with leaving town today I just didn't have time. That will be on for next week. Nope, I don't have the money at the present but that will change. Plus they are running a few specials,,, Ya never know......

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