Monday, October 12, 2015

Recap ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Yep, went down south and hung out with the kid. Stayed up late Friday night listening to him talk about his new job. He seems to enjoy it and that's a good thing! Listening to him talk about it just makes me smile. He's growing up and it's fun to watch. My boy is becoming a man!

Saturday we got up and went out for lunch, we were a little late for breakfast. From there it was to Autozone and then back to the house. While he put his mower back together I washed my car. Chase took a nap and then he mowed the yard.

We also hit Best Buy after the auto parts store and picked up a digital TV antenna. The kid about flipped out last week when he found out cable and Internet was gonna cost him another hundred bucks a month. I ended up canceling the install and we are gonna set him up with the freest option there is. Right now he has the digital converter box hooked to a digital antenna and he is getting 53 channels for free!

They are coming this Saturday to hook up his Internet and then we are gonna do Net flicks. He will end up paying 50 bucks a month for Internet and 9 for Net flicks. He will be able to pretty much watch everything you and I can for a 3rd of the price! Of course he will miss some channels but Cody is a lot like me. He will have a TV on in the back ground for noise but a TV and a TV show do not determine what he plans to do for the day.

Yes cable is nice and you can watch everything under the sun but it ain't worth what people pay for it. We are brain washed into think cable is a necessary bill. It ain't! As soon as we get him set up on this we are gonna do the same at my house.

The funniest thing from all this, I came to work this morning and was telling a few co-workers about him getting 53 free channels. They had a hard time understanding that you can still get "free" TV. I literally had explain to them that it still exists. You can watch TV and not pay for it!!!

                        The cable companies have everybody convinced you need them!

Enough of that! Yesterday when I got home it was only five and still beautiful outside. I loaded the dog up and headed to the golf course. I hadn't had any food since breakfast and a few snacks on the way home. I hadn't thought about it to be honest! I was so happy to be home and outside I had walked out and headed straight for the golf course. Of course I decided to jog instead of walk and about 3/4 of the way around I hit the wall! I bonked!! Ran slam out of energy!!!

I haven't done that in a long time! I was still a good mile from the car and I swear it about killed me to get there. I went straight to the store and got something to eat and then went home to recuperate! The funny thing is I drank a beer shortly after getting home and man it hit me hard. I decided that wasn't a good ideal and hit the couch for a nap. Woke up fine.... Now to play today......

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