Thursday, October 15, 2015

I Guess I'll Starve !!!!!!!!!!

Right now I am running, riding and walking! Plus trying to watch what I eat and I am still stuck at 200 pounds! On my "slow" "rest days" that's when I walk. so far this week I have ridden twice and ran once. My off day was yesterday and I walked 2 miles. I have even been trying to watch what I eat down to the point I even bonked Sunday when we got home from Georgia.

Instead of looking at food as food I am trying to change my mind set to the "food is fuel" deal. I try to think, "well I don't have any thing to do after I eat so I better eat less". You would think it would start showing on the scales! I will see 190!!! If I have to starve....

I figure if I don't do it know I never will. Plus I still keep kicking around the ideal of running the Southern Classic Series next year. Why I don't really know. I have no reason to race next year, the kids have both grown out of the bikes at the moment. Cody took his to Atlanta and keeps playing around the neighborhood. But Chase has no use for the bicycle.

Actually I am working on the big wheel 85 dirt bike at the moment. I asked Chase what he wanted to do the other day. Something, anything! Sometimes I seem to struggle with having the same interest as he does. With Cody it seemed to come easy but with him it's more of a challenge.

So he said he would like to get back to riding dirt bikes so that's what we are gonna do. I still have mine in the corner of the shop and I can have it running in about a hundred dollars and his in about 200. Time is not the issue, money is. I can fix both of them in about 2 hours. That equals 2 weeks of getting right with the wallet!

                              The way I see it we will be in the woods in about 3 weeks.

I love kids, without them what would I do......

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