Monday, May 18, 2015

Stayin' The Course !!!!!!!!

The course of fun! As I said last week, I am in it for the fun this year. I continued it all weekend! Friday evening I rode Sherman Branch, Saturday I rode Cheraw State Park. Yesterday I walked out in the garage and as I was about to leave I laid eyes on my 26in Specialized Epic full-suspension!

I honestly couldn't remember the last time I rode it so I loaded it up and headed straight to Anne Springs park in Ft. Mill SC. It took me about 3-4 miles to remember how to ride it but once I did I was good to go. I had a blast! Everybody, including me ride nothing but the 29in bikes anymore. You tend to forget how fun the 26 is.

I rode till I was tired and I ended up with 18 miles total. Plus I plan to ride the 26 more often. I had that much fun. Now A few rides this week and then we head back to PA. I might even take a bike with me this time. Cody has access to about 50 miles of rail trails right from his dorm. The weather has finally changed enough I think I can make it happen.

Plus he has asked me to bring up his golf clubs, he wants to play a little this summer. I am gonna miss Blairsville more than he does when he finally comes home! I like going up there....

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