Friday, May 15, 2015

Short But Sweet ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Last night I rode my bike to BI-LO and back. Twelve miles total, I rode the cross bike with the wider cross tires. AND a bike rack! That's right a bike rack. I even carried a cable lock and locked my bike to a pole outside the store! 

In my head I was a New Yorker going about my business. In reality I was a redneck on a cross bike with a bike rack! Either way it made for a cool 12 mile ride. In New York nobody would have noticed me. In Monroe NC people take a second look if they see someone with a bag on their bike.

Especially kids, they turn around in there car seats and wave at you. It's kinda neat and funny at the same time. You have the parents in the front, they look at you like "what the hell", "is your car broke". The kids are looking at you with pure envy in there eyes! They are like "wow" "when I grow up I can still ride a bike".

                                                                 It's pretty cool.

I only have to get on one busy road to do that trip and that's for less than half a mile. I can carry about 40 dollars worth of groceries each trip and I get something out of it. I had a good evening last night and yes it was a fun ride. I even wore shorts, not spandex...........

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