Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Good Evening ,,,,,,,

So I haven't really ridden much in the last week, we had the prom and then Mothers Day. That pretty much killed the weekend. Tehn the wind was blowing for a few evenings and once you ever get out of your groove it's hard to get back into it.

Last night I decided I was gonna ride and I went, The wind was really light and the temps where perfect. I took off and about 45 miles later I was back at the house. Two beers and a shower it was bedtime.

It was one of the best rides I have done in quit awhile. The reason for that is lately I have ditched all the electronics. I am riding by the seat of my pants! If it's a hill I take my time and climb it, if it's a downhill I have even coasted down a few of them lately. Usually I am trying to kill a downhill just so I can bring up my average speed.

Unplugging is fun! Of course I got the ideal from Bicycling Magazine, they have mentioned more than one time lately. At first it kinda felt weird and I found myself looking down at an empty handlebar more than once. Now I hardly ever look down and I try to talk to the cows! I yell and moo like an idiot when I ride by. It's funny!

I have no races planned and no intentions of planning any races this year. Fun is the reason I started riding 40 years ago and fun is the plan for this summer!!

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