Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Found It ,,,,,,,,,,

"I Found It", the downside to riding 2 different bikes. It's all in the bottom bracket. Last week I was on a kick riding my full suspension bike. It's a 26 in Specialized Epic, the one with the brain shock. It's a really aggressive riding position and it has a high bottom bracket. On it you can pedal through a lot of turns and never hit the ground with your pedal.

Guess what! On my Cannondale 29in hard tail the bottom bracket is a lot lower! Last night I took it to the trails and promptly crashed my brains out 3 times in one ride. Every time I managed to stick a pedal in the ground and then depending on my present speed crash rather hard. By the 3rd time it was starting to hurt.

This morning I am pretty sore! Sore enough I don't plan to ride the woods tonight. It's gonna be the road bike today. I like riding the full suspension as I have already said, but I don't like changing between the 2. This just gives me even more reason to buy a new bike. A 29er full suspension, I need one..........

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