Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Back Again ,,,,,,,,,,

We stayed for the parade and had a good lunch, then it was time to roll. Got home at 8 and back in the groove. That pretty much summarizes our weekend. I slipped in as much riding as possible last week and then we went north. About every 4-5 weeks now we are heading that way.

The kid needs us! Or we need to see him one or the other. We went up Saturday early am and where there at 1 so it was like we had all day Saturday too. Followed by a nice slow Sunday and then the parade Monday. It was a good trip and I always look forward to going again.

Like I have said before I am going to miss Blairsville more than he is. Although I like to visit I haven't had to live there. He has... Believe me he tells me that all the time. The kid is ready to come home and stay. He comes down for a week in June and then he graduates in September. Then he is home.

I have never really wanted summer to fly by but this year is a little different. I can't wait for fall to be here! Next year I will look forward to a long summer but this year lets just get this one over!

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