Friday, January 30, 2015

In Doubt ,,,,,,,,,,,

As you can see, the few people who still bother to read this. I just don't really have time to keep this updated at the moment. I really enjoy writing my blog and keeping up with the things I do, even the boring things. The problem is I have always done this here at work. I have always had time but that was back when the economy was rather slow.

Now that housing has pretty much made a full recovery and I am selling so many more items, items that require a lot of attention to detail. My time for screwing around has really been limited lately. Friday's are my slow day, by choice. I always kinda decompress and get my head right for the weekend when Friday rolls around.

If it ain't done by Friday it can wait till Monday! As I have said before my work is not my life! I have passed on several opportunities over the years to make work a priority but those damn kids seem to always come first! Just picking I love my kids!! Plus you don't want a lumber salesman who needs to work real hard on a Friday, if he does he must be dragging his feet the other four days.

I could always do the blog in the evenings but that would require me to sit down at a computer once I got home. After sitting in front of one all day at work that ideal just doesn't work! To be honest we don't even have a home computer anymore! Chase has a nice one in his room and I can use it if I ever need to look something up but besides that, no need! Karen has her ipad for work and it seems to work for her so she's happy.

No I don't do the Facebook thing either. In other words everybody in the house has their own computer except me. I always was different! No need to change now.

Anyhow thanks for still checking in on a some what regular basis and I promise to still update on the same basis. All is well, and life is good!

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