Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Raining, Where Slow.............

So I have time to blog! After getting on here and talking about how I don't have time, I end up with time! Plus I rode the mountain bike all weekend knowing the rain was coming so that it's self puts me in a good mood! Then the team I wanted to win the Super Bowl did win so life is good.

Now I just need to figure out how to make time everyday for my blog. You know why? Because I like my blog! It may not be the best blog out on the inter webs but it's mine and I enjoy it. It kinda gives me a reason and time to think back to what I have done over the last few days or the prior day. I kinda re-live the good and the bad again. If that makes sense.

With this weekend being one of the good ones! Saturday I made a trip to Anne Springs Park in Ft. Mill SC. The trails were great and I rode everything twice, I ended up with 20 plus miles in the woods and had a great day. That was after I had taken Chase to his orthodontist appointment and we had taken a trip to Sun Ski and Sport.

We are getting him ready for a snowboard trip this Saturday. I am pretty stoked for this one! The big game plan, or long term plan is for him to learn this winter and then next year when Cody is back we will be able to go skiing all winter! So far all I have invested in Chase is a pair of bibs. If it all goes as planned we will buy him a setup for next year.

As of today Cody has been gone for the first full month! 8 more to go and he will be graduating! Unless he decides to take an extra course.........

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