Monday, January 26, 2015

$80 Bucks !!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a new car, it's gets freaking awesome gas mileage! Awesome as in I drove to Blairsville PA and back to Monroe NC, a 956 mile round trip on $80 dollars worth of gas! That's 33 plus miles a gallon! Bad ass..........

I had a good time, got to spend the weekend with my son. We skied all day Saturday and I came home Sunday. A nice quick trip and I will be going back soon! Real soon! I hadn't skied in 17 years and I still got it! I took 2 trips down the bunny slope to get my turns back and then I went straight to the top of the mountain and it was on.

My calves are sore and nothing else! 5 hours total and I never went down. That was a good day, even the kid was proud of me! I love free stuff and now I have ski's. I am even looking into going this coming weekend.

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