Monday, November 17, 2014

Were Back ,,,,,,,,

First things first! As I have stated before, I drove a truck for 5 years. I still have my full CDL license, I can pull tankers, I can pull doubles, haul hazardous materials. You name it! I am still legal to drive it! Guess what I learned this weekend!

We left Friday morning and drove all day to Pittsburgh, actually we went to Blairsville PA. WE left at 9:30am and got there at 7pm. I was beat! We then did our deal Saturday and then came home yesterday. Total driving in 3 days, 19 hours and 1075 total miles! I am still tired!

Now I know! I will never ever ever ever ever ever!!!!! Drive a damn tractor trailer again!! As long as Bojangles needs "Master Biscuit Makers" I will have a back up plan! How I used to do that job for days on end I have no ideal. For some reason I remember most of it as a fun job. At least the first 2-3 years, from then on my memories aren't as good. I enjoyed going all the places and seeing all the sights. Until I realized I was seeing them at 65 miles an hour and not getting to "see" them.

                                                               There is a difference!

For the last 14 years I have always kept my CDL license current. They are just so hard to get that I felt I should. Well when they expire in 2016 I will have a standard class C just like every other person! I will no longer waste the money to keep them. I don't want to drive and I am not going to drive! So, "so long, to the trucking world I will wave"...

                                                                 The time has come,,,,,,,

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