Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Here We Go !!!!!!!!!!

OK, I have kinda dreaded writing this post and in a way hoped I wouldn't have too. Nothing is wrong, everything is actually really good except for Karen still being under the weather. She is getting better but that a whole nuther' blog post in it's self!

The reason I have "dread" would be my kid is going to go off to school. Yes he is 19 and yes he is a good kid and yes most parents went through these emotions back in August. But now it's my kid and my emotions! Cody finished up high school and he really didn't have any interest in going off to college. To pretty much appease us he went to CPCC here in Charlotte for the first semester. He went for us not really because he wanted to.

Well now it's time to get ready for second semester and we are going in a different direction. Hence the reason we drove to Blairsville PA and back over the weekend. Cody has decided he wants to learn diesel mechanics. At Wyo-tech school in PA. That's 9 hours from here!

The kid is really good with his mechanical ability and it definitely fits him. I just wish it was a lot closer! We went ahead and reserved him a small apartment and he starts right after Christmas, nine months later he will be done and back home. I just wish he was closer! Yea I know I said that already!

Believe me, if you were around me you would have heard me say that several times already! Not just twice! Now you know what we have been up too. My kid is growing up and I don't really like it. I accept it, and I am glad we did a good enough job that we can send him that far away and know he will be able to take care of himself. I did my part but it just seems to happen so fast.

Before I blink Chase is gonna be finished with high school.......... I need a drink............

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