Thursday, November 13, 2014

Until Next Week !!!

Looks like today is it for me, I have to head north for a few days and won't be here tomorrow. Cody and I are heading to Pittsburgh PA for the weekend. There is a reason behind this trip and bicycles have nothing to do with it. I hate to go ahead and tell the whole story now, I want to make sure it's gonna happen before I start talking about everything.

If all goes as planned we have changes coming! BUT, I want him to make the decision. This is way over my head..

Anyhow with his birthday taking up the first couple of days this week I finally slipped out for a ride yesterday. With leaving tomorrow morning I have a few things I need to do so I needed to make it a quick ride. Sherman Branch, my closest local trail got my time and I got in a lap before dark. I used to really try to avoid the place, I was just tired of it. But here lately I have found I am really enjoying the place.

It might be one of the easier trails but it rolls by fast and you can go fast! Nuff' said.....

I'll be back Monday, have a good weekend......

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