Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Differnt Kind Of Scary !!!!!!!!!!

Saturday I had a plan to meet a few friends and show them around Rocky River Trail. They all live in Waxhaw and for them that's like an hour ride to get to the trail. When you figure in an hour ride each direction plus the ride a short ride on a Saturday morning turns into a half day ordeal! That's about the only draw back about riding a mountain bike. You have to drive to the trails.

So anyhow we all met and headed into the woods. This is where my ride got kinda scary. At Rocky River you have an awesome downhill to start the ride. The first mile and a half is all downhill, then you have a half mile climb to where the trail starts rolling across the hillside.

Now I might suck at climbing but I can damn sure go downhill! So I am bombing down the hill and all of a sudden "pow", it sounded like a gun went off! In the next 2 tenths of a second I think I have snapped the frame and then realize I snapped the seat post! NOT GOOD!

I am on a step downhill section and need to have all my weight to the back as I am working my way down the hill. The only problem! I now have a jagged broken off 31.8 millimeter metal pipe sticking straight up between my legs! Once the seat and mount brackets are gone that's what your left with!

I figured all of that out in the total sum of 4 tenths of a second! It's amazing how fast you can figure out problems when you know what the concequences are. Only option, over the bars and get away from the spear that was aimed at my ass! So as I am flying through the air with my out stretched arms I am already thinking about how this hillside has a lot of rocks on it and it could hurt once I hit the ground.

The tree's are a second thought, but none where in my direct flight path so I am more worried about the rocks. I do the old tuck and roll routine and jump up! That's when you take another split second to take inventory of all body parts! No blood and no terrible pain any where.

As everybody is pulling up I am standing in the middle of the trail. But I am happy! I find my seat and quickly figure out I can't fix it so the ride is over. I lower the seat as far as I can and try to ride back to the truck. I end up walking about halfway and riding half way.

                                   I go home fix everything get ready for the Sunday ride!!

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