Monday, November 10, 2014

TV Sucks!!!!!!

I swear I need to cancel the cable and turn off the TV! All the "night time by myself" progress I made over the last 6 months all went out the door! I came home from work Friday afternoon and ended up on the couch watching TV with the wife and then she did it to me.

She turned on one of those damn Dateline shows about a nice peaceful town and murder. It happened in Pendleton Oregon and apparently it's like the last place on earth you would ever worry about a murder happening. Much less a random murder and one that took almost 2 years and a second attack to solve.

By the time I had to go outside and put the damn dog up it was way dark and really scary! I swear I was sure somebody was hiding between the sheds, just waiting for me to turn my back! I put the dog up and hooked up her light and feed her in record time! Believe it or not I actually ran across the yard once I had everything done.

                                                                 What a puss !!!!!!!

It took me the rest of the weekend to get over it! Last night when the kids, yea the kids! Turned on the "Walking Dead", I went to the bedroom! No shit, if I had watched that last night after "Dateline" on Friday I would have never went outside again after dark! I am a total wuss.........

I did ride both days and we'll get to that tomorrow, I am busy and I got a meeting today I need to prepare for. See ya tomorrow....

Plus no night ride tonight my kid has his birthday today. Cody is 19 years old today! We have cake ice cream and Chinese food planned. He picked out the food,,,,,,,,,,,

                                                       Happy Birthday Cody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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