Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's Fall ,,,,,,,,,,

I love fall! Although this year it seemed to come really fast! I swear the older I get the shorter the seasons get. I think my mid-life crises is about to hit! I never understood what that meant till this year. I always wondered how could a grown man in his mid 40's could just all of a sudden snap and go buy a Corvette.

I may not want the Vette but I am beginning to start to understand the reason behind it. Mid forties you start to realize your on the back side of the hill. Over the top that type of thing! In my 30's I never gave that any thought! In my 40's I do!

I think I might retire and blow all my money then go back to work at 60. I would rather be broke at 60 than save all my money and do nothing now. I am still young enough I could have a ball now and worry about it later. It seems to work for rednecks. We all know, or work with people who have no direction in life and live pay check to pay check. They seem to be happy and end up making it through life without too many worries.

                         Where as I worry about having money and saving, what the hell is wrong with me.....

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