Friday, October 31, 2014

It's Already Started !!!!!!

My worrying over weather or not I want to do any races next year! The reason for this is every year I hear about how great the 6hr Warrior Creek is and this weekend is the sign ups. You have about 15 minutes to sign up and then it's sold out! No kidding it sells out that fast!

It's November and I don't even know which bike I want to ride tomorrow, much less if I want to race a race in April! Tomorrow morning will come and go and then I will walk around feeling like I missed out for a few days and then I will move on. Every year I go through this and then every spring I wish I had signed up.

Maybe tomorrow will be different, doubtful but maybe.

Anyhow I rode Monday with the kid right after work and I haven't touched the bike sense. I have everything ready to go I just haven't made a trip. Maybe today I will go out but if I don't no worries. They claim we are gonna have crappy weather tomorrow but I just don't see that happening.

Tomorrow I plan to do a road ride, the first one of fall! Hopefully the sun will be shining, but if it isn't no sweat I will be out anyway. If we have rain I will be heading to Cheraw to ride the sandy single track! Raining is the best time to ride there so either way I am gonna have a great day!

                                     Now do I want to race or not!!!!!!!!!!!

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