Monday, November 3, 2014

No Regrets' ,,,,,,,,

Nope, no sign up! I got up Saturday morning and decided I was content to let it go. I didn't check but I know it sold out, it does every year! Like I said before, I know pretty much where I stand in the pecking order. I ride with people who finish and ride in the top 10 of just about every race in the area. So for now I am happy!

I just can't seem to find the race fever anymore. Plus I got to race yesterday! Well not officially, But they never caught me! Saturday was a wash with all the rain and cold, I really never got up and got moving all day. It was just one of those days. Yesterday I went to Rocky River trail and got a good lap in.

I left my phone at work on Friday so I had no contact with the outside world. I had no ideal who was riding where or when so I was on my own. Plus with the invention of cell phones who remembers phone numbers! I don't know a single friends phone number. I just look up their name and hit call. Just like everyone else, so I missed the group rides. I got to work this morning and found out about everything. Just a little late though...

Since I was on my own to ride I decided to take the 26in full suspension bike. I figured I would take my time and enjoy the woods, at least that was the plan. But things change real quick and yesterday it changed within about 2 seconds! I get there and I am unloading and I guess it being such a wonderful day the place was packed.

Well as I am about to go in the woods I hear these two guys who were parked across from me make a comment. He tells his buddy "don't worry, we'll catch him in no time". My first thought was, "damn that wasn't to nice". But then my second thought was "bullshit" I'll blow up before that happens! The race was on!!

So if you ride the same trails all the time you know where the bailout points are and where someone "is" just by looking through the woods and seeing them. You know how far they are behind type thing. So now I am wishing I had brought my 29in bike just so I would be even faster. It turned out I didn't need the extra speed but I sure had to work for it. A 26in bike is just harder to ride! I am finally convinced the 29ers are faster!

Back to the ride! I am pushing it and I see them through the woods, they seem to be rolling but are doing a lot of talking. Hence they must not realize I considered this ride a race! I decide to let them in on things! We finally are at a point when I know they can hear me, I let them know they better pick it up if they think they are gonna catch me. He laughs and says "were on the way".

They get close but never catch me! Again the 26in bike liked to killed me but I was kicking it as hard as I could go! I ended up riding a lap of one hour and 15 minutes! A new record for me! When we finally got to the parking lot we all had a good laugh, they didn't realize I had heard them when we started, and sure didn't realize I was gonna make them work so hard. The one guy said he gave up on the notion of passing me a long time before, he just wanted to finish close enough to me to feel like he had done something!

That was a good ride!!!

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