Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hate That !!!!!!!!

Yesterday just went down as a day that just sucked! Work was a zoo all day and I skipped riding the motorcycle to work because they where calling for rain. Then it never came, I could have riden but didn't. I washed the bike and then it sat in the garage.

I came home and figured at least I will be able to ride. I then went in the house and got ready to ride. When I came out guess what it was raining! I was already suited up and ready to ride, shoes and all. So then I hit the couch and figured it would quit shortly and I would be able to ride. Almost 2 hours later I gave up and went to the bedroom to change again!

Plus I now needed a shower, I didn't ride but I still needed a shower. That sucked too, the reason was because of course I put on chamois cream! So after sitting there for 2 hours and watching it rain I had to take a shower. What a great ride!!

Oh well, Karen fixed dinner and I got in a good nap. Maybe things where meant to be, you never know. On the plus side, I have all my stuff ready for today. If the rain will hold off!

I did ride the motorcycle though, and I brought the rain suit..................

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