Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Would You do ,,,,,,,,,,

For my kids! Once again the reaction I have received from some of my co-works just amazes me! When they found out what I did while I was on vacation for my youngest kid they just shake their head and say "no way". How they could say that just makes me shake my head! Everyone of them have kids too..

                   One day their kids will be gone and they are gonna regret not doing more. Not me!!

OK, for what I did. At the very beginning of the summer my youngest son Chase asked to go to the Linkin Park concert. I told him yea, will go. He was as happy as I had scene him in a long time. School had been out for a week and he had plans for his first concert. His buddies where going and life was good.

Well as the summer rolled along and we made plans for our beach trip nobody bothered to check when exactly the concert was. About a week before the trip Chase came down stairs and pointed out the fact that we had planned to be gone the week of the concert! All his buddies where asking him where we were gonna sit. That's when he realized what was up!

Of course Karen and I had already made our plans through work and couldn't change them. At first I told him "sorry, we would go to the next concert he wanted to go to", he didn't fuss but you could tell he was upset. I told him it was our mistake and how as adults we had to work around other peoples vacations and it wasn't as simple as just move the dates.

                                           He shook his head and understood.

                                         I didn't sleep worth a damn that night!

If I haven't mentioned lately I have 2 of the best damn kids anyone could ever have. Cody being the oldest, sometimes it seems he gets more attention than his younger brother. Chase never asks for anything and when he does I try to make it happen. You do that for good kids, I should have made more of an effort to make sure we made the concert.

          He didn't complain he didn't cry, he shook his head and said OK. That's what good kids do!

So instead of being a dumb ass dad and just going about my business and not giving it any thought I decided we would drive back to Charlotte last Tuesday and go to the show. Wednesday we could be back at the beach by noon..

The next morning I told the wife what the plan was and she didn't even hesitate. We ordered the tickets and that night told Chase the plan. That was one happy kid! He was on the phone and his X-Box telling his buddies he was going.

Well last Tuesday came and we came home and went to the show, we had a blast! Wednesday came and we where back at the beach by noon......

                                                    I'd do it again tomorrow..........

                                     That's what you do when you have good kids........

We made a memory my kid he will never forget! Neither will I.....

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