Monday, August 18, 2014

Back In Action,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I know I have probably used that title before but every time I get "Back" it just fits. We had our week at the beach and enjoyed the whole thing! Every last bit of it! Now the next day off will be Labor Day, none to soon.

We spent the week in south Myrtle Beach, at Ocean Lakes Campground. The camper did fine, it always does. I could live in the thing year round if I had too. It just works. As far as the campground goes it was OK, obviously it works just fine for most people but for us it was a little on the "huge" side. Way to many people and not near enough beach. We didn't realize how much more narrow the beach is on the south end than the north end. We hadn't been to south Myrtle in years and it will probably be years before we go back.

The combination of such a narrow beach and a massive campground means you end up with the most crowded beach I have ever been to! If you weren't out on the beach by 9am it was hard to find a spot. Then even if you were there and had a spot you ended up with people damn near in your lap. Not my cup of tea!

If you notice the little picture to the right at the top of the page you can see what kind of beach we prefer! The kind with no one around for miles. Granted that picture was taken on the South Core banks so it's not what you will find anywhere in the Myrtle Beach area but still North Myrtle is a lot better!

So I guess you could say "we came we saw we went", and now we know. Nuff' said.............

You know what they say,,,, any day away from the office is still better than being in the office. I love vacations...

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