Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Time To Roll !!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, since I "started" my vacation, meaning packing and getting the camper and yard and every thing else ready the week before. My riding has taken a back seat! Meaning I rode like 2 short rides the week before we left and unless we are going to the mountains I don't take my bikes on vacation. I like to look at my vacations as rest periods for my legs.

We came home Saturday and Sunday I finally got the mountain bike out and went down to Cane Creek. That was the first mountain bike ride I had done since early May. My summer has been road bike only so it was kinda nice to be back on it. I plan to make that more of a habit this coming fall. It was nice to be back in the woods.

Point of this post is the fact that I basically took 2 full weeks of the bike! Now I am paying for it! Before I went on vacation I was pretty much riding around a hundred miles a week. Week in week out, consistently that was my average. Guess what?

Two weeks will pretty much ruin any and all of the benefits I might have gained from all that effort. My ride Sunday was painful. My legs where burning like they haven't done in a long time. I can't remember the last time they hurt that bad. Pain sucks!!

So now I have my fall mountain bike trip planned in 3 weeks and about zero fitness at this point. Now I better pick it up, if I don't I will be hurting bad about the time I start climbing day in and day out. I like the fall trip so guess what!

                                                       It's "Time To Roll".

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