Friday, August 8, 2014

Break Time ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So we were busy yesterday and I never found the time to get on here. Today has been about the same but not as bad, I am trying to get all my stuff done before I get out of here today. Reason being!!!!

                                        IT"S VACATION TIME AGAIN.....................

By tomorrow noon I will be at the beach with a week of down time! Rest and relaxation, that's about all I we have planned. The kids are happy and I am ready to roll. We have the camper packed and the dog is heading to the kennel. We haven't been to the beach in awhile so it's gonna be nice.

The last few trips have been to the mountains so we are due. We still have a trip for Labor day in Saluda so I will still get my mountain fix. I love the hills! The wife goes because of me but she's more of a beach girl. Anyway ya got to give and take.

So for the next week you'll have to live without my infinite words of wisdom, you actually may be a little smarter for the loss............

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