Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Weird ,,,,,,,,,,,,

I started racing bicycles back in 1982! Think about that for a moment, I even had a paper route for awhile when we lived in Kentucky. I even remember the very first instant I was pedaling without someone holding the back of the seat.

                              AND I STILL LOVE IT....!

I started racing mountain bikes back before they even put shocks on bicycles. Now even the crap department store bikes have shocks. Point is I always come back to the bike. I tried swimming and my knees really fuss when I try to run. But I have my bikes!

I am still hung up on the road bike right now. I just can't seem to find the motivation to load a bike up and drive to a trail. Plus I like the fact I can cover so much ground. Although I have cleaned up my mountain bikes and they are fully serviced ready to go. I want to take a trip up to Asheville in the next few weeks, I will ride the mountain bike then.

Until then I will keep road riding and walking/running. Now we are to the "Weird" part! Lately I am on a streak, if I don't ride the road bike I am at the country club walking the nature trail. I take the dog and she loves it! Plus it's summer and it doesn't get dark till 9. I'll be damned if I am gonna be in the house when it's light outside!

"Weird" is going walking on a regular basis and believe it or not I keep finding myself running more and more! As long as I get the knees warmed up with a decent pace walking and keep the pace at a slower speed I seem to be doing better. My knees haven't been hurting and I am up to about 3 miles at a clip! Yes I ran a few races last winter but they were really hard on my knees.

This time they are doing better and I am enjoying it. I may not race these days but I bet I spend more time outside than most people do. Even the ones who think they do!

Get out side summer will be over before you know it. Plus it's only "Weird" at first............

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