Monday, July 7, 2014

Back In Action ,,,,,,,,,

Or at work anyway. Although for some reason I don't really mind. We are now at the halfway mark for summer and won't have anymore days off till Labor Day at the beginning of September. Chase left for church camp today and we have one more vacation coming.

Life moves fast, all you can do is hold on and enjoy it. Sometimes I feel like I am wishing life away when I dread coming to work. So I might as well try to enjoy it for what it is, a job! I came to this conclusion by watching a few of my co-workers who seem to let this place drive them crazy.

                                              It ain't worth it!

Anyway we had a great 4th, I road about everyday and got in my 140 miles for the week. I still am not sure what I plan to do with all this fitness but at least I have it when I might need it!

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