Thursday, July 10, 2014

Like A Damn Kid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I have mentioned this before but I grew up in Kentucky, yep a little further north than south. I know I have said this before also, we had "seasons". Yes you could tell when spring came and when the summer ended and fall began! Of course winter was the same, you knew when it was happening!

Here in N.C. if the leaves weren't coming out or coming down you wouldn't even know what time of year it was. I miss my seasons! Last night reminded me of that fact. It was raining lightly and that killed my road ride so I took the dog and we went to the country club and walked in the rain!

                                         "Like A Damn Kid"

Growing up we used to play outside in the rain all summer long. It was that time of year, if you didn't take advantage of the season you missed out! Plus that was back in the 70's and parents used to send you outside and tell you not to come back till supper. As long as you weren't getting in trouble or late for supper life was good.

Kids today miss out on so much. Point is I had a ball last night just walking in the rain. It never rained hard but it rained just hard enough to get soaked. The dog didn't mind and I was smiling the whole time! I hope it rains again today, life is short don't miss out!

Besides getting caught in the rain, I didn't need a shower last night....................LOL.....

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