Thursday, July 24, 2014

Time Fly's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I posted Monday and then the bottom feel out for the last 3 days! I did manage to take a ride Tuesday night and then went to the golf course again. Followed by my brother coming into town, he was at the house last night. It's been a busy week. No complaints it makes time go a lot faster.

I hope to ride tonight, I even charged my lights for tonight! I have got to mow the yard tonight before it gets to tall. That's if  the rain holds off! We have had more rain lately than we have had in months. Because of that the yard is growing at a high rate of speed!

It was nice to see my brother for the first time in awhile. We don't get to see each other that often with the distance between us. He has kids I have kids that type of thing. Plus the distance 500 miles, it ain't hour away. But we are gonna try and work on it. One of these days we are both gonna be old and then it's gonna be harder to see each other..

Life moves on!!!!!!!!!!

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