Monday, July 21, 2014

Better Than Nothing............

After my sickness over the end of last week and then my bout of throwing up Saturday morning. I finally got out and rode yesterday, it felt great to be back on the bike too. I did a nice 44 mile ride and went all over the county. I even tried a few roads I usually would never try. I just kinda figured it was Sunday so traffic should be a little easier.

It was heavy but not to bad. Plus the traffic must see enough bike use to be used to it. Nobody really crowded me but not being used to heavy traffic was a little unnerving. I guess I am really really used to the light traffic on my side of the county. I won't make a habit of venturing over toward Weddington very often but it was nice to have a change of pace.

I ended the ride kinda of tired but not to bad. Plus I was home early enough I took the dog to the country club and still managed to get in a 4 mile walk. Total for my "easy" day, 44 mile bike ride and a 4 mile walk! I must have really been stir crazy. Even the wife was asking me if I was trying to prolong my sickness. She said I needed more rest.

But to be honest I really felt better! After getting out and sweating a little bit. Plus the break from the bike seems to have been a little refreshing. I never really kicked it yesterday and still had a good overall average speed. I did miss out on a good ride with Kelly Saturday but that happens.

While he was out doing a hundred miler I was home on the couch sick so I guess I have a good enough excuse. Although next time I would really like to make the trip with him. He rode from his house to Morrow Mtn. State Park and back! Not a bad ride at all. It's definitely one on my radar. Every summer I say I am gonna make the trip over there and then I don't!

I need to work on that..............

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