Friday, July 25, 2014

Please Come Out and Play ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

That's what it felt like last night! I came home fixed my lawn mower and then mowed the yard in the rain. About the time I got done it quit raining, go figure... We have had so much rain lately the grass had to be cut and I sure wasn't gonna waste a Saturday doing that!

Well when I got done I tried to talk Karen into going to the country club with me and then I tried Chase. Neither one wanted to go so off I went with my trusty co-pilot Daisy the dog! She will always go, all I have to say is "ride" and she gets in the car.

Well left on my to entertain myself I can kill time like nobody's business! We hit the course and walked a lap around the nature trail. Then with nobody still on the course we walked the cart path. Then I saw a golf ball, and another and another! We ended up walking all over the course! Up and down the fairway through the woods, everywhere! By the time we headed for the car it was dark.

Way dark! We were out there for 2 hours walking and hunting golf balls. Our take for this effort, 8 more golf balls. The passenger floor board in my Blazer is almost full of golf balls now. I still haven't decided what I am gonna do with all of them or if I want to go golfing yet. But at least I have plenty of golf balls now.

I even got to laugh at myself when we were heading for the car in the dark. Here I am 46 years old and running around a golf course going through all the wooded areas looking for golf balls like a 12 year old! I had fun though...............

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