Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pep In Your Step ,,,,,,,,,,,,

I figured out how to put more pep in your step! I figured that out real fast! Last night I took the dog and went to the golf course for a walk. Here lately if I am not riding that's been my fall back. It's summer time and I would rather take a beating than stay in the house all evening.

The dog loves it and I get in some exercise, I might not be running but I am walking at a nice high rate of speed. We go fast enough the dog will pull me the first lap and then the second lap she will be walking a lot slower! Two laps are 3 miles, and it kills 45 minutes!

If it's late enough we will go ahead and walk the cart path for a few holes. We have to wait till nobody is coming for that, they don't really like walkers on the golf course. Especially with a dog, they don't want a "mess" left behind! I can understand that so we try to be  little discreet about when we walk the cart path.

Back to the "Pep In Your Step", as we started the second lap last night I heard the thunder, I figured we can make a lap before it gets here. We did but we had to damn near run to get back to the car! The thunder came and then the bottom fell out! We ended up with about an inch of rain.

Maybe tonight I can ride. It just depends on what time I get home. I have to take the truck to the shop, we are having a few issues with the transmission.................

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