Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Good News !!!!!!!!!!

Every once in awhile it's nice to hear it! "Good News" Yesterday while the rest of the USA was watching soccer I was at the transmission repair shop. My truck has been acting up a little and I was convinced it was the transmission.

Guess what! It's ain't!!!! That my friends just saved me about 3 grand! A new transmission for that truck is 3500 dollars and what I need done will only be about 2-3 hundred. Hence I am a happy camper! Anytime you don't have to fork out a small fortune is a good time.

I have an electrical issue that is making the truck shudder, it's not the transmission. A good tune up and a new coil pack and it will be back firing on all cylinders in the right order. That's the issue right now it's miss firing under a load. The transmission doesn't realize that's what's happening and it doesn't want to downshift. So it kicks back and forth from one gear to another.

Now that we have solved this issue we can get back to the regular everyday deals. Cody starts Central Piedmont Community College in about 6 weeks so right now that's what is taking most of our time. Getting him squared away and ready to start. It seems weird but like it or not the kids grow up.

Chase goes off to church camp next week and Cody is working, the house will be empty! The cat and dog will think we are on vacation......

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