Sunday, July 20, 2014

No More Plans,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As of now I plan to make "No More Plans". The reason being I had plans to ride all weekend. "Had' being the key word! I got my quick 35 in on Wednesday and a good walk on Thursday. I figured I would wait and get busy on Saturday.

Well I woke up yesterday and was sick! I had been feeling pretty bad last week but I thought it had passed. That was the reason I had been trying to take it easy over the week. I wanted to feel good for the weekend. I spent the whole day either over the commode chucking grits or sleeping in the bed.

We had my neighbors daughters wedding last night and I made it but I sure wasn't the life of the party! From there it was home and back to bed. I had dreams of riding this morning only to wake up and find it pouring rain! I don't really need to spend 3 hours out in the rain so now I sit here trying to decide what I want to do.

I was on a roll knocking out 140 miles a week and now the last 2 weeks have gone to shit. The last 2 weeks have so far produced about 40 miles each week......

                                              Not good...................

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