Friday, July 18, 2014

9 More ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So I road Wednesday night and then last night I walked. I want to ride tonight and then Saturday and Sunday. So I walked last night. I took the dog and we went to the country club. First lap I did the nature trail and then hit the cart path. If you wait till late evening you can get away with that.

So far I have about 20 golf balls we have found! Last night was the biggest yet! We found"9 More". Usually I find about 2-3, once we found 5 but 9 is the new record. I went home and checked out my golf bag, now I could go play a round and the only thing I would have to spend would be the green fee's.

As I have said before I used to play all the time. You can spend as much on golf as you can on bicycling, any hobby costs. My wallet is maxed out with the bikes and the only way I will be hitting the course will be if it's cheap! I might break down and buy a new glove but that's about it. I kinda miss it!

I might miss it but I don't plan to take away from my riding this weekend. Karen and the girls are going to a winery tonight and I am going to ride. Tonight will be an easy ride followed by a long one tomorrow. Then Sunday I will see where I am. If I feel good I will ride, if I feel bad I will lay in the pool. Either way I have options.

The only thing set in stone for me this weekend is the fact I am going to a wedding tomorrow night! My neighbors daughter is getting married, the same little girl who used to spend the night at our house and play with all the boys. She grew up sometime over the last 14 years and now she is getting married.

Life moves on and apparently I am getting a lot older! To me she is still a 7or8 year old and riding with me to get lunch. Chase my youngest used to think the world rose and set by her when he was a baby. He used to want her to hold him anytime she was around. Now she is out of college and he is starting high school..

                                                       Damn time fly's,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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