Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ready Again ,,,,,,,,,,

Last week we were planning a ride and the rain killed it. My buddy said he didn't really mind he was a little burned out anyway. At first I thought, "I guess so, he rides all the time". Then the rain stopped me again the next night and I finally got a ride in on Thursday.

I spent the whole ride trying to dodge a rain storm only to get soaked from the road spray the last 5 miles. I should have headed straight to the rain to start with, it would have at least been fun!

Anyway we had plans for Friday night and Saturday and then church Sunday. The yard needed mowed last night and all that worked out to mean I have only ridden 1 day since last Sunday. Guess what, I think I needed a break too. I just didn't realize it! Tonight I am riding and looking forward to it.

Not just going through the motions, I look forward to getting out and covering some ground. Austin Chaney has been off limits for the last few weeks because of repaving so they should be done with that by now. That is my favorite way to get out to the Wingate area. Tonight I am heading that way!

I need to ride!

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