Thursday, July 3, 2014

Let's Try Them All...........

All my favorite routes! Last night I pulled out of the driveway riding the road bike and turned right, I figured I would know where I was going by the time I hit the stop sign. Half a mile later I came to the sign, turned left and still didn't know. I did the same thing about 2 more times and then realized what I was doing.

I wanted a change and a new route. Without thinking about it I was going backwards on one of my favorite routes. So I kept going. The reason I ride that route in a particular direction is because of a certain hill that I dread. Once I realized what route I wanted to do I immediately started thinking about the "hill".

Of course it was right where I left it and when I got there I turned the corner and thought to myself, "here we go". Then about halfway up I realized I was moving along pretty good! I had only downshifted one time and my speed was staying steady.

I felt good! The legs were strong and I went right over the top. Bam another personal record on Strava. I guess all the riding I am doing is paying off, the hill I always dread isn't that hard anymore. I spent the whole first 15 miles thinking about a hill that I had built up to be a mountain. It's not! I am getting stronger and it's showing.

Just another reason why I am hooked on the road bike right now. Although having tomorrow off and Karen working I might go down to Cane Creek just to see all the people. I like pedaling through the campground when the place is full. Seeing all the kids and all the setups people have.

You never know when you might find a good ideal on a setup that someone else came up with.

Have a good 4th.............

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