Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When, Not If...........

After rereading my post from yesterday I thought to myself that come hell or high water I am gonna lose the weight. I got the new road bike and am riding it so if I allow myself to keep saying "if I lose the weight" I never will lose the weight. It's a commitment not an option!

I need to be about 180 weather or not I ever race again! It's about being healthy and I want to be healthy. Last night I went to the store and did a little shopping. I have found that now when I go I spend more time in the produce area than I do any where else. It's been a change for sure.

We are now going to the store about twice a week instead of once. But it's only because fresh will spoil, and the store is only a few mile away so no big deal. I am learning a lot about what is good for you and quantity. That's a big part of it, portions.

We went out to eat Friday night for Valentines day and when I felt like I was full I quit eating and had them take my plate away. Just because they give you enough for two doesn't mean you have to eat it. The lady even asked me if something was wrong with my plate. I said no, I am just full. She offered a to-go box and I politely declined. I had a grilled chicken salad and the sound of that redone the next day just didn't sound so good.

The biggest change has been no fried food what so ever! That's hard when you really crack down and obey that rule. Now 99 percent of fast food is off limits. It takes a little more planning than I am used too. I haven't went crazy, I will still splurge a little. The other day we stopped at McDonald's and I had a grilled wrap and the wife and I split a small fry. I won't lie, they were good to! But a serving is more like half a small than a super sized box!

Point is, I am going to succeed!

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