Monday, February 17, 2014

Out And About.......

I vented yesterday about NASCAR so now we can get back to riding bikes! After the southern version of a blizzard, I finally got to ride yesterday. I waited till noon and then hit the road. I got dressed based on the current weather and hit the road. I guess it's just been a while since I had ridden in the cold so I couldn't decide if I was cold or not.

Last Sunday I had ridden and it was in the low 60's, then we had the snow and here we are again, riding once a week! So I head out and I can't decide if I am cold or not. I tried to stay around the house and town for the first 10 miles and then I figured what the heck, it ain't to bad. I headed out of town.

I ended up with 38 miles but it was a good ride. Once again the wind was a big factor, this time of year if your gonna ride you just except it. The wind is gonna blow and it's not always gonna be in your favor. More than once yesterday I turned a corner and started gearing down. I have been riding long enough that I deal with it.

If you want to ride, ride if not stay home and come up with an excuse. It looks like we are gonna get some warm air this week! I hope this will finally be the break, I am ready! Time change is coming sometime before long and then I can get back in the groove. I am really looking forward to it this year. Some years come and go and I can honestly say I don't care if  the weather breaks or not.

This year is gonna be different! I have really been working on my eating habits and am starting to loose weight. When your clothes start feeling a little looser you start thinking about possibilities! Not saying I am making any plans yet but I am not a fan of racing if I don't have a chance. I have a good measuring stick of my ability, just by the crowd I ride with. If I can drop  20 more pounds don't be surprised to see me at a race or two...........

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