Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Last night I got a doss of "Reality", I had went to the store the night before and got a few things. Last night the wife and I decided to go ahead and go, kinda get the trip outta the way for the week. We are rolling along and doing the right thing looking for healthy options.

As we stroll up to the meat section I say lets get a few steaks for tomorrow night! That's when it hit me, "no red meat" is like on the top of the list as far as tips to loose weight. That means no steak, no hamburgers, "no red meat'! Simple as that, of course you can eat meat in small portions, which I will. But right now I am going to stay cold turkey!

Once I get where I want to be then I will reward myself but until then no meat. Sounds kinda caveman when you say it like that. "No meat"!!!!!

I can tell that fish is fixing to be substituted! We have never been a big fish family but that's about to change! I am about to learn all the tricks to cooking fish. Baked, broiled you name it! Well maybe not every way, no fried! Changing is tough but that's what it takes.

Now on to the bike. The weather has finally broke, at least for now. So I hope to start riding at least a little bit in the evening's. I can get out for about an hour right now before it gets dark. If I bring my lights I can stretch it out. Today and the rest of the week is supposed to be in the 70's....

                                                Rock On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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