Thursday, February 27, 2014

That Sucks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Saturday when Kelly and I where out riding he made mention that he had heard my buddy Bud had closed his bike shop. That's the shop I just bought my road bike from. I knew he was having a hard time getting things off the ground, he's been there for the last 2 years. The first year was a lose but that's to be expected. The most recent year he was really hoping it would get going.

Apparently it didn't! When I was in there the other week he was talking about what he was gonna do but he said nothing about being so close to closing. Kelly had heard Cannondale, his main brand of bike had come in and taken back everything he had.

Well it was true! I drove by yesterday after I rode, I wanted to see and I need a few things. The only thing left inside the store front was the paint on the walls! It was spotless, completely cleaned out. Everything gone! It was kinda weird.. I was just in there the other day and then to see it completely empty is just weird.

I hate he didn't make it, he's a good guy and knows what he's doing it's just Charlotte has about 10 to many bike shops and he was out in the country. He had a good location as far as shop rides go, it's just really hard to get established in this market. Hopefully he will land some where and our paths will cross again. I just hate to see him close.

Yes I did mention I rode yesterday. I went to Beatty park right here in Matthews, I did a few laps and then called it a day. The trail was in great shape! The way they have been talking on the local forum I thought it was gonna be in bad shape. Wrong!!!!!!

Somebody is crying wolf way to much!!!!!! There was talk of a 4 wheeler riding there.... No sign what so ever......

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